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Age Of Aquarius

Happy Friday, friends.

How are you? I'm good. I'm taking it day by day and trying my best to keep on keeping on. I must say it's been a bit of a sad week for the country music world, we lost a legend... Mr John Prine. In his honour, play a few of his songs over the weekend to pay your respect.

This weeks blog is going to dive into a little bit more of the spiritual side of things. If anything, I hope it gives you a little hope. If not, well, you're a pessimist. KIDDING LOVE YOU. Enjoy.

The Age Of Aquarius

Have you ever wondered where this term was initially born?

Honestly, I never did until I became super into astrology and understanding it in ALL of it’s facets. Hear me out. The Age Of Aquarius was a popularised term when the 60’s revolution occurred. The song Age Of Aquarius by The Fifth Dimension is also a commonly referred to birth place but yes, it came from somewhere. I have fond memories of singing it in my year four choir, making daisy chain friendship bands on the beach during our rehearsal break lunch, I guess I was ahead of my time.

You got a a cuppa? A wine? Here we go.

In 1962 Saturn returned to the astrological sign Aquarius. If you are familiar with astrology, an Aquarian is known for their lust for life, non conforming attitude and progressive nature. Mix this with Saturn, the planet of wisdom, support, obligation and ambition, you have a recipe for a revolution. This energetic energy in the astrological world is the ingredients the world needs, for big change as a social collective.

The counter-culture of the 1960’s was a response to war. This era witnessed The Civil Rights Movement and became the pivotal anti-establishment point in history we all look back on now.

Prior to this, in the 1930’s they experienced the great depression, the result of the worst economic downturn in the industrialised world. Which in turn, inspired a clean up and re-organisation of the social structure in the economy.

More recently, we had the 1990’s. In 1994 Saturn returned to Aquarius where feminism and woman rights took up a lot of space in social justice movements, pro abortion, racial justice and similar to the 60’s, protests became once again, a popular form of rebellion around civil rights.

Despite your thoughts on astrology and it’s place in the world, trust me, I’ve had enough people tell me just exactly how they feel about it but I urge you to stay with me here.

In March 2020, Saturn officially returned to Aquarius. A week prior to what I can remember being a total shift and change on a global scale with COVID 19, Saturn landed his placement. To me, not only did this information solidified my belief system once again, but it has shown me another pattern, another incredible vantage point we have when we are cognisant of these movements and changes. Life as we know it has drastically changed in weeks. THIS is the beginning of a revolution.

The Age Of Aquarius signifies revolution.

In all of the points in history there are horror stories and loss. I don’t mean to gloss over this and give you a glorified version of history but I’d like to focus on the more productive view here. If you’re interested in linking them up, I suggest you do some research for yourself.

This is a hard time for us as humans. We are coming to understand the world as we know it will never be the same again, but If I can get you to shift your perspective here. There are so many people in ill health right now, front line workers are risking their own lives along with their families to help us. Don’t let this be the start and end of this story and don’t allow their efforts to go to waste. I understand the gravity of this and I think about how I can be of service every single day. I am able bodied and minded, chances are you are too. If you have a mind and knowledge you have the power to influence change. It’s simple. Rather than part take in a continual stream of Netflix (don’t worry I am indulging here myself) BUT don’t let this time pass you by with your only goal being how many seasons you can squeeze in during quarantine. We have the power to make something of this and transform the world as a collective. How do you want to show up in the new world? What can you do to be of service? I repeat, we are in a revolution. Spend it wisely and become the narrative, write the damn thing yourselves. It’s liberating and scary and exciting all at once to know we as humans hold this power in our hands.

Think, mull, criticise and perhaps be inspired by this take on it all. Challenge it, do some research. Take bits and leave others.

I’ll leave you with this poem by Dorothea Lasky

lifted from her book with Alex Dimitrov ‘Astro Poets’


People speak of the future

as if they know it’s there

and if they spoke to you

they’d know the future is

they’d know the future is blue.

Ships in the vast dark.

Dark in the blue wheel

Before the sun has risen

only memory then

and memory now

of stars, of hands

In someones hair

this close to yours.

You’ve touched the world

so many times

It does remember you

It does begin to see.


Learning from:

Gem The Goddess YouTube


Astro Poets

Listening to:

Nirvana and Alice in Chains (In honour of Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley's passing)


Hart Of Dixie to lighten the mood

Mediating to:

Tibetan Bowls (Spotify Playlist)

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