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Down Below with Divine Natalie Moon

Being a woman has come with all sorts of twists. I guess I grew up in the era that crafted a false sense of reality with fairytales and barbie dolls. The subtle grind at the sub conscious of young girls. Periods were never to be spoken of out loud, and we are slowly but surly told to hate the body we have no matter what we look like. We are told to be kind and approachable but not to be a push over. Dress appropriately but just enough promiscuity to gain a little attention. God, could I go on.

I could write more than a blog post on this, the topic is too complex to fit it all in to one readable article without an index and chapters.

I remember hating being a girl in high school. My life would be easier if I was just a boy, I would say after being bullied by guys. I was not the right amount of pretty, I was average and painfully shy if I was pointed out in class. This is where I started to loose my voice.

Five years ago I took the plunge into music, a huge step for me. Its been a slow process navigating myself through such an interesting career path with a lot of opinions on how it should be done.

It’s only in the last two years I’ve really got my voice back. Back in a way I had it as a kid with no inhibitions or pre conceived ideas of how I should be showing up or growing up. I’m now almost 25 and drawn to strong woman. Woman who speak out against the patriarchy, woman who fight for equal rights, woman who own business’s and work hard to re-write the narrative.

Finding guidebooks like ‘Awaken Your Inner Magic’ have helped me rewire my brain so when Divine Natalie Moon agreed to chat with me I was ecstatic.

A powerhouse with a mission to teach other woman how to show up as they are and find their inner magic. In case you missed it, I have transcribed some of our conversation below.

Conversation with Divine Natalie Moon

T: What lead you to this work?

N: I went through a long time where I was disconnected from myself and I had all of these masks that I wore and Identified with and I just felt really cut off from myself and the last five years has been such an unravelling for me and I'm finding more and more that authenticity is the fucking key. In terms of the psychic stuff I’ve always been in tune and only this year have I moving into this as a business so all that is fairly new. The embodiment work was a natural progression form the psychic work.

T: What are some of the greatest lessons you’ve learned doing this work?

N: There's a lot of fear around being authentic in requires a level of vulnerability. We’re susceptible to criticism and shame and that's a scary thing to move into as our egos want to protect us. There’s a part of us that has this tendency to feel safe and acceptable so there’s a big obstacle and work to be done as people identify what those blocks are that have been getting in the way of them showing up authentically.

T: For someone unfamiliar with this way of healing and growing, what can you say is the best way to get started?

N: Identifying okay what patterns am I using, what behaviours am I using to please the people around me. How am I betraying myself? Identifying the fake shit, owning your truth and embodying your magic.

Just as I did on the live, I'll leave you with this quote.

'Naming and owning hard things doesn't give them power, it gives us power.'

- Brene Brown

Tori x


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