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Summertime Stillness

Updated: May 11, 2020

Hello my friends,

Summer is upon us. I’m currently sitting my caravan with the windows open, watching the moths draw to every last glimmer of light outside. I’m sunburnt, and a little dehydrated because my white skin is an irresistible magnet for the sun to scold.

Twenty nineteen has been transformational and testing. I’ve come to understand life in a different way and appreciate it so differently. The way grass feels under my feet in the winter, how nice cold ice water feels when I’m really thirsty, how freeing it is after a jog, I can control my breath and the pain in my chest eases, how the ritual of making my morning coffee and sitting with a book is my most favourite thing, how something as simple as burning incense can make me feel like for 5 minutes, I have things under control.

I’ve become open in new ways and more private in others. I feel protective over aspects of myself but also have this need to share. It’s a complicated internal dialogue but it is what it is.

Thank you so much embracing the changes I’m going through as a human that stream so heavily into my creative space. Music is a real extension of who I am and like many other parts of myself, I struggle with how strong of a force it can be. It’s my most treasured ally and greatest battle but ultimately the one thing that always pulls me out of the fire and props me up on my throne. Releasing ‘Be Here’ has been a really freeing experience. Thank you for loving it and thank you for coming to a show. We loved playing these new songs, we loved taking on a new form energetically and sonically. Special thank you and shout out to The Australian Equine Institute for making touring possible. Thank you to the radio stations for playing it and a special thank you to the ones who have taken the time to chat to me and be a part of this journey.

2020 will see a new record, I’ve never been so excited about something I’ve helped to create and Shane is doing such a great fucking job with it.

If I’ve learned anything at all this year, they’re all very intrinsic lessons. It’s that empathy is an important part of life, feeling it is hard but trusting it is a useful tool in helping other people. I’ve learned that pushing for the big stuff is important but the small stuff is what makes us human, is what makes our experience on earth enjoyable and meaningful. I've learned all the greatest things take time. That we are over stimulated and aren’t quite sure how to deal with it, or how quickly technology is advancing. Our human bodies can’t quite keep up with the worlds new way of ready accessible information and our patience is wearing so thin from being handed all of it on a silver platter. We have no way to digest and breathe because we’re expected to push on like vikings. I’ve learned that it’s okay to indulge in this way of life but without balance I get sick. Lastly, as I mentioned earlier, I’ve learned it’s not necessary to share our lives and I’ve become quite protective of my privacy around this social media space, I’ve learned that that’s okay.

I have such a love hate relationship with the idea of blogging, it almost feels self indulgent and bullshit but I also really love to dive into the minds of blogs and writers that I love. In saying that, I hope you take something from this and are inspired to listen to some music or write or go stand outside for a minute. 2020 is going to be amazing. I can feel it in every corner of my soul and this new decade is going to be one for the ages on a personal level and hopefully a global one.

Below I’ve written a few lists of my favourite discoveries of this year. Have a safe a wonderful summer. Lot’s of love,


5 favourite books of the year

  • Kim Gordon - Girl In A Band

  • Debbie Harry - Face It

  • Joan Didion - Play It As It Lays

  • Mya Spalter - A Modern Witch’s Guide to Self Possession

  • Fiona Horne - The Naked Witch

  • Bonus: Olivia Gatwood - Life of the Party

5 favourite records of the year

  • Queens Of The Stone Age - Songs For The Deaf

  • Pearl Jam - Ten

  • Hole - Pretty On The Inside

  • Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger Fairuza Balk - (not a record but some great songs on her band camp)

5 favourite places to visit

  • Woomera

  • Wilmington

  • Alice Springs

  • McDonald Ranges

  • Yarrawonga

5 things I'm grateful for

  • My physical health

  • Access to health care

  • The health of my loved ones

  • The ability to read

  • Fresh air

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