• Tori Forsyth

Underground, Shadow, Down Below

A lot of my life has been an internal battle of the dark. I fought to be the flower child, the girl next door, the desirable breeze on a warm day. That person who is easily accepted. She’s safe and she doesn’t threaten you. We are taught to believe that the light and lovely is the goal. The white crisp sheet and the clean negative space is the ideal woman. There’s room for her, she’s part of me somewhere (maybe?) but she can’t be realistic and available all the time. Accepting shadow and darkness; find room for that woman. The one with the truth, the mud, the fractured and re healed bones. Down Below is that I guess, which is what sparked the thought process of this weeks post. It’s the crazy and the wild, the fight for real and the strength that they make you believe you don’t have.

Winter, introspective, autumn, transformation.

We’re all experiencing an internal winter, or, an extension and early arrival. Most day’s I feel empowered by my surroundings of nature and my abilities to adapt to the current climate. Then others, my insomnia rears its ugly head and haunts me until my eyes are sore and my brain is a cloud of dirt where all I need are blankets and a fire to keep the dogs at bay. In the southern hemisphere, we are heading into Autumn. The northern hemisphere is heading into Spring. We’re all in the middle of seasons where great transformation tends to occur. Whether you look at it from a harvesting or growth perspective of crops or if you look at it from a place of using the symbolism of the seasons as they change and apply it to your own way of moving through the world. The symbolism in seasons is symbolism for a reason. Poetry and art have been drawing on this since the beginning of time. The fact that we go through cycles of warmth and cold, shedding and growing, it's all relative and equally important. Generally speaking, I tend to thrive in my 'winter', I think most artists do. I feel my most creative but I can’t help but right now, also have a feeling of interconnected weight and disruption. As I believe all humans are energetically connected, I believe our emotions are at an all time turbulent high right now which in turn, is effecting us all greatly on an individual level. As I mentioned, we’re moving into the transformational season in the cycle. This can be a really helpful and positive way to look at it. Use this as a rule or a guide for your body and thoughts. Use the Autumn and Spring respectively to explore your inner landscape, plant, re-design and re-evaluate. Acknowledge the early winter, but try to connect with the now. The world is experiencing a heavy shift. We can move with this shift too and create new patterns and new ways of being. Go within and explore what you don’t want. Write it down. Explore what you need, write it down and then explore what you really want. What do you desire? Become that. Use this time to sit in the season and allow space to not be constantly in the hustle. I’m writing this for you as much as a reminder for myself. It’s okay to be in the underworld collecting and re-designing the floor plan. Installing new scaffolding and dreaming up the future. Cleaning the cobwebs and making magic with the residue. True power doesn’t come from neglecting the corners and tunnels, it comes from allowing them to be seen and explored and giving them a voice for a little while. Whether you’d like to call it shadow, the down below, the underworld or your introspective winter/ transformational autumn, use this time to give it some TLC as we are experiencing a potent global shift. If you’ve ever wanted to harvest and grow in a different way, now is the time to do it.


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