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Small Talk Makes Me Wanna Die

Hello my loyal pals,

Due to this weird bizarre time, I will be sharing blog posts more frequently.

Each Monday, I will reflect on the week that was and hopefully will bring a bit of joy to your week ahead.

I'm going to start off by saying that If you are in a hugely affected area of COVID 19, I'm thinking of you daily. What's interesting is that as a generation, we have never seen solidarity and unity on such a mass global level before and I must admit, i can genuinely feel it. It's nice to see humans reaching out. A simple interaction at the grocery store, the woman at the counter asking me how I'm coping when usually it's a brief meaningless encounter. It's changed my perspective on human connection, we truly take it for granted. (Aside from of course the hoarders and the assholes who are being greedy and obnoxious, good morning to everyone but these people. HA!)

My day's have seen some incredibly turbulent emotions. Despite the fear and panic of the world as a whole, on a personal level I have had some contributing factors to a whole new level of anxiety, fear and uncertain. What has kept me focused and sane in these times is clinging to the good. The people sharing their healthy morning routines, sharing positive affirmations and forward thinking, people trying to share some light in the dark times and honestly, memes have been a great source of comfort for my sick sense of humour.

I have been religious in starting my morning on a positive note even if I'm feeling the weight of the day from the moment I open my eyes. I will meditate and journal and do some form of moving my body. I personally am incredibly blessed and am staying with my parents on their farm but I have also found some seriously crafty home workouts that i've been taking part in.

These three things without a doubt boost my mood and help me to feel present. One thing I'm finding is I'm connecting more with friends. GO FIGURE. As a musician I actually find it hard to connect because I'm constantly on the road. Having A LOT of time on my hands, it's been great to actually use FaceTime and chat with friends, something I will be taking with me post pandemic.

I want to keep this weeks post short and sweet because in posts to come, I'm keen to delve into some pretty deep interesting soul nourishing topics that have helped feed me and have kept me hungry for life.

Below are a list of thing's I've been enjoying this week - give them a try.

Have an awesome week and feel free to let me know what you're doing to stay focused and present in this time.

Lot's of LOVE

Tori x

This past week I've been:

Listening: to Halestorm

Watching: The OC and Miley Cyrus's show 'Bright Minded'

Learning: from Witchwave Podcast Patreon Exclusive content

Meditating: to Tibetan Bowls 

Reading: 'You Already Know' by Helen Jacobs 

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