“Provlépseis means predictions in Greek,” Tori Forsyth explains of her new record’s title. “It’s been a while since I recorded this album and it’s interesting to interpret the lyrics with the benefit of hindsight; where I might not have really known what a few songs meant at the time, I definitely do now… I’m a pretty spiritual person, but I think that just goes to show how important it is to listen to your intuition.”

Remaining true to herself is what drives Tori’s creative expression and, while creating the striking 13-track collection for Provlépseis, she allows herself to be guided by the needs of each individual song – freed from genre expectations. Forsyth’s long, eclectic list of influences – Stevie Nicks, Nirvana, The Cranberries, The Pretty Reckless and Miley Cyrus – have always informed her songwriting. But with her second record, Tori fully embraces guitar-driven rock elements, further expanding her sonic palette. The album includes new single ‘Redundant’ + ‘All For You’, ‘Nothing At All’, ‘Be Here’, ‘Courtney Love’, and ‘Down Below’. With Forsyth’s enchanting voice and masterful, honest songwriting, her music has already attracted over 6.7 million global streams and Provlépseis demonstrates her evolution as an artist.

“This record is definitely very personal,” she reveals. “Whenever I write, it’s difficult for me to not be the centrepiece of the song.”

Provlépseis is the result of Forsyth fully surrendering to her muse.