Blogmas: Creative Process 

My creative process is: Not having one. 

Thank you, both Jess and Katelyn, for sending this one through.

Okay, let’s see. My creative process. 

Something that I’ve only very briefly touched on before is the process I personally use to write or get creative. I usually skim over it because the truth is, I don’t have one.

Sometimes, I simply have no idea how a song happens. 

But I can get into how and why I don’t have any real strategy and how my brain works around this.

The only real structure is 3 things:

1. Have something to say

2. Be consistent in your practice when writing for a purpose

3. If it feels forced, stop. 

It’s really important for me to always sit down at a songwriting session with something to say. An emotion to draw on or an experience to write about. All my better songs come from having something to say.

Being consistent for me looks like putting in work daily over a short period of time. For this last record, I hibernated and spent about 2 months writing daily at 3pn. 

If it takes me longer than an hour to write it, I stop. This will be very controversial. But honestly, if it doesn’t feel like I am in the room with an idea, the conduit responsible for bringing it into reality, then it’s probably going to turn out rubbish. 

Handing it all over:

You bring the ideas, then hand them over and be responsive. Be quiet and let your thoughts run free and write down as quickly or as slowly as your mind allows. Let yourself sit and give space for ideas to happen, and don’t overthink it. 

I hope this inspires someone to get creative today.