‘It’s okay to disappear until you feel like you again’. 

I’m sitting here in our new home staring out the window at a beautifully overcast day, there’s trees and nature surrounding me, this new home. I look down at the garden beds that are waiting for their next sow, and there’s a fresh pumpkin soup on the stove brewing for my lunches this week. From chaos to quiet in one fell swoop. 

I’m learning to adjust to my own internal system of what feels good and exciting to share with the world but more importantly with the folks who wish to spend their valuable time gaining insight into my life. Responding to what these important people want from me when I do decide to be present in this space. Between this and what’s just a little too personal and should be kept to myself.

July was a little too personal for a reflection so let’s talk about how beautiful it is to step away and let life encapsulate you. 

How magical and sensory life is when you completely forget about your phone and feel zero need to share anything at all for days, months at a time. 

Let’s talk about the beauty in when you do decide to share, how special that can be. 

Let’s talk about how much more we notice, the colours of the sky, the scent of the early blooming spring. 

The sounds of each bird and how we have become so disconnected we can’t identify what bird it is. I want to be able to identify what bird it is.

How beautiful silence is. When we can sit with ourselves and be still without needing to fill the void. 

It’s so important to jump off the hamster wheel and let life win you over, let living dig deep roots into your bones. Roots so thick you feel present in every minute of your day.

It’s beautiful to be hidden and unseen. It’s beautiful to announce, choose and create space to be seen. I’m really taking note of my energy, how I feel and what feels important. 

I feel quiet today. Reflective. I feel air in my lungs that has been hard to catch for quite some time. I feel reborn. Again and again and again.

 I stare up to the sky and thank god for the people around me, those who believe in me and fight for the same mission. 

I thank god for the person I became to thank god. 

A quick note, a small moment in time for this July blog. 

Next month, we dance, my friends. If you’re reading this, you’re first to know.