June Blog – 28 thoughts for my 28th year on earth

Life shrinks and expands in proportion to one’s courage – Anais Nin
– A completely irrelevant quote that I felt resonated prior to writing this blog post

28 thoughts for my 28th year on earth.

8 Reasons why you should stop following the masses and forge your own path

1. Group think is boring 

2. No one can bring what you have to the table except you.
I wholeheartedly believe we are put on this earth with a divine mission. Don’t let fear fk that up for you. If you don’t have a place at the table, bring your own chair and allow yourself to be seen.

3. If it’s a trend, we’ve seen it and we are yawning.  Let yourself start the trend, follow the breadcrumbs of innate creativity mercilessly until you are the trend. 

4. Asking yourself who you are rather than have it reflected to you is ultimate freedom.
Stop looking for confirmation from others, start setting the tone and leading with it. 

5. Saying no/yes when you mean it is a boss move
Letting people influence your ‘gut feeling’ chips away at your soul slowly until it dies. Don’t do that

6. Nothing historical was ever born from a lamb 

7. The number 1 thing folks regret on their deathbed is not doing the things they desired 

8. It feels extremely good to be 100% who you are 

10 random thoughts I believe to be true but anyone could easily argue  *hehe*

1.  Physical books are better than kindles/tablets 

2.  Just because AI is the future doesn’t mean we should love/like/be forced to entertain the idea 

3.  Technology is making us dumber

4. Between 2003 and 2011 Disney was in it’s prime

5. Myspace and tumblr were superior social media platforms 

6. Choosing to see the positive doesn’t mean you have your head under a rock, it just means you have the built the capacity to want better, want more and are deciding that despite the world being fkd at times, it is also extremely magical, wonderful and filled with opportunity if you just have some hope, faith and willpower

7. You can be everything you are, all at once

8. We have the right to change our mind on anything we say, ever

9.Taylor Swift was the last superstar because we are too over simulated/ saturated to be able to globally agree on/discover another one 

10. Feeling your feelings is so important but the internet doesn’t always need to know about them 

10 songs that instantly make me feel happier (NO ORDER)

1. Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield 

2. Can’t fight the moonlight – Leann Rimes 

3. Dreams – The Cranberries 

4. If it makes you happy – Sheryl Crowe

5. Perfect Day – Hoku

6. Breakaway – Kelly Clarkson

7. Smells like teen spirit – Nirvana

8. Where you lead – Carloe King

9. House Fire – Tyler Childers 

10. Tusk – Fleetwood Mac (The Dance version)