May Re-cap

This month, I’ve decided to get back onto the vlog train! I take you guys with me on a recent trip to Sydney. IF you love the vloggy, tell me and I will make more of these! 

But, for my avid readers, some words:

This does continue on with last month’s blog post as I unravel the thread of what it all means… 

The continuous theme for me this year as I ride the wave of my health is how to function within the wax and waning of my capabilities. I want to be very careful in how I speak about this as I never want to tie myself to any one aspect, but simply embrace and allow it to exist when it decides to.. As someone who consumes a lot of information around energetics, who believes ‘words are spells’, I’m  very careful to not breathe further life into something I don’t want. In saying this, I’m not entirely off my chops and think that things need to be dealt with, understood and given the time they need to breathe without feeling bad about ourselves for a ‘shortcoming’ in something as serious as our own health. So, I will leave that here as I move through it all on my own time. 

But, this in turn, has had me reflect deeper around my ability to push or rest and finding that balance as I have mentioned a few times this year. Being able to rest and actually detach from a constant forward motion has taught me that I’ve always felt that motion is light years ahead and I’m chasing it. It’s life changing to come to a place of being able to walk alongside that motion and push it forward with my own agenda and pace without a clock barking orders at me.

So, in saying all this and learning and moving through it, I’ve learned that momentum is not chaos. It does not feel chaotic. Momentum feels intuitive and guided. Momentum flows and aligning ourselves with momentum over chaos is the difference between knowing the next step and chasing it. 

As my 28th birthday approaches in June, I feel like this could potentially be the best life lesson I have learned so far. 

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