*We’re Making A Record.*

Polaroid 001 - Making A Record

February may go down in history as one of the most intensely magical months of my life yet. We started the month in the studio recording a record. I’ve never created a record like THIS before. The others have been such an introverted process, just two people, creating in a cocoon and Shane Nicholson (one of the most wonderful producers and humans on the planet) has previously squirreled himself away and presented me with my records (obviously not quite like this but you get it, he’s a wizard).

 This was different, lots of energy, lots of different input. The two experiences cannot be compared only something to be revelled in, individually.  This was a chaotic vortex! Myself, Reece Baines,  Zac Miller, and Matty Newton all bundled up together for the duration of the record with Mr cool, and incredibly critically acclaimed Scott Horsecroft (I went in very naive and thank god otherwise I might have wet my pants) producing along with Andy Mak and Izzac Wilson engineering. I had a lot more responsibility for this one so my nerves and imposter syndrome had a lot to do with the experience, but it was incredibly rewarding.

Polaroid 002 - Making A Record

Usually, I would keep all the details of recording or doing something important a ‘secret’ until we were ready to share it with the world, a mistake on my part as these times I’ve often reflected as the most important. There were so many details that were left unsaid or got lost in previous experiences all in the name of perception. Well, fuck perception. I made a record with some of my best mates. We all gave it everything we had, like the last two years combust like stardust and created something magical. 9 days of tracking 10 hours a day and 10 songs were done. It’s always funny to re-live the stories within a record. It’s an emotional rollercoaster where I normally have a pretty hard time dealing. I guess the depth and emotional sludge that has come with my past records has been more difficult to process. I did feel it all and in a very visceral way, but contained myself until we were done until the very last night *fairy claps to me*

Tunnel vision. This record is so much lighter than the others too, I think a good sign of healing and moving on. A big part of this record is the very real and tangible way to look back and say hey, yeah things can be hard sometimes but Tori, I give you permission to move on and this was just that, a moving on of sorts from all the self-inflicted, and life inflicted ick that I had been holding like a badge of honour. This record symbolises the part of me allowing myself to give myself grace in all parts of who it is that I am.

Polaroid 003 - Making A Record

The record holds many surprises and maybe some not so big surprises, it involves nearly everyone I’ve met in my musical journey who has lay the path out for me to walk on and I owe them a lot.

I have some BTS polaroids of the making of – I wanted to share with you all as a real time trickle and insight. We filmed so much we could probably release a Netflix series. Until then, enjoy these shots and await my next blog, it may come a little sooner than the end of March.

Book of the month – The Mountain Is You – Brianna Wiest

Record of the month – In These Silent Days Brandi Carlile

Favourite Drink – before you speak coffee

Podcast – STILL EVOLVE with Emily – truly is my favourite right now